Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reflections on the Last 10 Months

Well….here we are. The BIG day!

I’d like to thank all of you --- supporters, friends and residents of our fine city – for your kind comments, words of encouragement, and enduring support.

I’ll be candid here – the past couple weeks of this election season have not been very pleasant. But, I’m extremely proud of our campaign team and our supporters.

Indeed, politics is a contact sport and debating the real issues is fair game. But, when attacks become personal, when the truth is distorted, and when outright lies are freely tossed about – we must ask the question: Who wins?
Certainly, it isn’t our community that gains.

There were some who insisted we sling mud right back at my opponent.
There were some who encouraged our campaign to ‘fight fire with fire’.
And there were some who demanded that we respond with our own negative website, mail out ‘hit pieces’ and produce negative television and radio ads about our opponent.

I know the folks who made these recommendations meant well, and want to see us win.

But when it comes to dirty politics ...
Absolutely not. No question in my mind about it.
If those actions are what it takes to be elected the Mayor of Vancouver, then I’m not the right candidate for the job.

I’m really looking forward to 8:31pm tonight. That is one minute after the County Elections Office is scheduled to announce the first results of this mayoral race.

8:31pm is the first minute that our campaign team, our volunteers, our supporters – and you, the voters of Vancouver – can release that long-held breath in anticipation of a movement forward.

8:31pm is the first minute of the beginning of the real job – bringing our community back together, healing the wounds of a decade of divisiveness, and wiping the slate clean of business-as-usual.

8:31pm is the first minute of the beginning of transition -- a transition that includes placing Community at the forefront – where all of our neighborhoods and all of our citizens have a voice in our future. Where new attitudes, fresh perspective, and leadership that IS looking out for OUR best interests takes the reins.

At 8:31pm, regardless of the outcome of this mayoral election, we will be able to look each other in the eye, knowing that the Leavitt campaign debated the issues, maintained our integrity and upheld our personal character.

Leadership by example.
Our Community deserves nothing less.

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John said...

No matter what the outcome tonight, any man who keeps his integrity and principals about him in the pressure cooker of public opinion is a winner in my book.