Friday, January 9, 2009

Mainstream Green House

A little over a year ago, I decided to build a home. This decision came after exhaustive house hunting throughout Vancouver for over two years.
At just about the same time I had decided to build, I met Brandon Tauscher of Project Green Build (

Brandon and I discussed the green/sustainable construction movement in residential building. His goal is to move forward the green residential construction, via educcation of builders and the public, as well as through successful projects. It was then that the thought of building a 'green' home really came to fruition for me.

My goal with the Mainstream Green House is to build a home that is energy efficient and affordable. Our home must be comfortable to live in, achieve at least 50% in energy efficiency savings, and is within the affordability of middle income families. We will achieve these goals through intensive upfront planning and analysis of green materials and systems, all the while keeping in mind costs.

Since early 2008, we have been planning, studying, strategizing and assessing the green building market and avaialble green materials and technologies. Our project team includes Casey Wyckoff (LSW Architects), Bryan Knight (Myamoto Structural Engineers), Victoria Bradford (Comfort Interiors), Chuck Dougherty (Synergy Design), Roy Heikkala (Rite Menter Investments), Devin Blackshere (PBS Engineering + Environmental) and of course Brandon.

At this time, we continue to refine the floor plan and assess the green systems. Much of the green finish/building materials have been identified.

My hope is to be under construction by fall of 2009. The local media have prepared several articles about the home, and more about the Mainstream Green House is found at:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change at the Wheel

Yes...after a couple years of speculation, significant thought given to the needs of our community (based on my observations and your input), and the many, many citizens urging me to consider serving as Mayor...I have formally announced our Leavitt for Mayor effort.

The following is the press release our campaign team sent yesterday:

Tim Leavitt Declares Candidacy for Mayor of Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington – Vancouver City Councilman Tim Leavitt today declared his candidacy for Mayor of Vancouver. According to Leavitt, “It’s time to focus in on the welfare of citizens across all of Vancouver, returning to basics at City Hall. As Mayor, I will fight for the security and quality of our neighborhoods, trim non-essential spending and taxation, and improve the business climate to create more high-paying jobs for Vancouver.”

Leavitt has served on the Vancouver City Council since 2003, and was reelected to his second full term in 2007 by a sizeable majority. In addition to his duties on the city council, Leavitt has served on the C-TRAN Board of Directors for five years, and most recently as Chair for 2006-08.

Prior to the city council, Leavitt volunteered on the Vancouver Planning Commission and with the Image Neighborhood Association. He is also a member of the Clark College Alumni Association and the Rotary Club of Vancouver.

Over the next month, Leavitt will be having a mayoral campaign kickoff event, introducing his campaign staff, and unveiling his campaign web site.

Persons who have questions or would like to volunteer may email Tim at