Thursday, July 23, 2009

Letter to the Federal Government: Vancouver Cannot Finance This Bridge With Tolls

When Governor Gregoire visited with our area's Chambers at lunch today, she offered no relief or support on the issue of tolls for the new I-5 crossing. The message to Vancouver was, in essence, "get over it" -- something we've also heard from the incumbent. The tolls that they want to impose will crush Vancouver's working class. If they insist on selling us out like this, I insist on pushing on without them. Below, see a letter I've drafted to send to President Obama. if ever there was a project suited for the stimulus money Washington is distributing, this is it! Please take a look. I welcome your thoughts. (Clicking on the image of the letter will enlarge it for easier reading!)

Mayoral Forum TONIGHT!

Hey folks! Come on out to the Mayoral Forum tonight! 7pm, Clark Public Utilities community room. Find out more about my positions and learn about why you should be supporting Leaviit for Mayor!