Monday, July 19, 2010

City Council to Review a Procurement Ordinance Update that Streamlines Process and Improves Accountability, Encourages Use of Local Vendors

Earlier this year, I asked the City Attorney's Office to review our procurement policies and provide more incentive for local contractors and vendors to conduct business with the City.
This afternoon, council will participate in a workshop that reviews city staff's work on this effort.

The proposed updates include improvements that streamline the procurement process and make it easier to navigate, provide for greater fiscal accountability and control, and also place greater emphasis on local vendors/contractors and the local tax revenues that are generated with their participation in a contract.
I am extremely pleased that staff has worked to develop this proposal, and that they are making the effort to support local businesses and vendors, to the extent allowable by law, with City contracts and purchases. Staff has been timely and responsive to my concerns and I commend them for working with me on this commitment I've made to our citizens and business owners.
Concurrently, council is also considering land use permitting enhancements and streamlining. We are working hard to enhance the business climate and permitting process. Time is money for developers, and reducing the bureaucratic red-tape will have positive impacts on jobs growth.