Saturday, September 5, 2009

Even in the Rain, We're at the Door!

After just a couple of days' rest right after the primary, we started back up on doorbelling with even more vigor than before. As of this last week, we're up to full-speed. I was out five days this week, with a few different supporters every day. Thanks to Amy, Mike, Char, Luke, Roy and Peter!

When we went out yesterday, right out of the gate, Team Leavitt was greeted with overwhelming support -- including one neighbor in the Carter Park area proclaiming, "Who else would I vote for! And please give us a yard sign!"

We spent some time on the West side this week, and will be heading to East and Central Vancouver over the next couple of weeks. While we're making sure not to ignore the West-siders, we're also the campaign that knows that Vancouver extends east of Grand Boulevard! As your Mayor, I will represent the ENTIRE city, and look forward to hearing from all of you!

Our efforts continue today, Saturday…yes, in the rain! It'll take a little while to adjust to Fall weather after a great Summer. But like the mailman, come rain or shine…Leavitt is at work.