Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change at the Wheel

Yes...after a couple years of speculation, significant thought given to the needs of our community (based on my observations and your input), and the many, many citizens urging me to consider serving as Mayor...I have formally announced our Leavitt for Mayor effort.

The following is the press release our campaign team sent yesterday:

Tim Leavitt Declares Candidacy for Mayor of Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington – Vancouver City Councilman Tim Leavitt today declared his candidacy for Mayor of Vancouver. According to Leavitt, “It’s time to focus in on the welfare of citizens across all of Vancouver, returning to basics at City Hall. As Mayor, I will fight for the security and quality of our neighborhoods, trim non-essential spending and taxation, and improve the business climate to create more high-paying jobs for Vancouver.”

Leavitt has served on the Vancouver City Council since 2003, and was reelected to his second full term in 2007 by a sizeable majority. In addition to his duties on the city council, Leavitt has served on the C-TRAN Board of Directors for five years, and most recently as Chair for 2006-08.

Prior to the city council, Leavitt volunteered on the Vancouver Planning Commission and with the Image Neighborhood Association. He is also a member of the Clark College Alumni Association and the Rotary Club of Vancouver.

Over the next month, Leavitt will be having a mayoral campaign kickoff event, introducing his campaign staff, and unveiling his campaign web site.

Persons who have questions or would like to volunteer may email Tim at leavitt4mayor@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have my support.

Rev. Rob Figley

Bryan Davenport said...

Hey Tim - congrats. Looking forward to your first "town hall" or information meeting or whatever. You know I am one of those who suggested you be mayor.

Tim Leavitt said...

Thank you Rob and Bryan for your support!

Anonymous said...


Some ideas. A doctor friend of mine moved from Seattle to Vancouver in large part because of the excellence of the Vancouver Schools. He thinks the schools are good selling point for the city. I agree. Might be worth incorporating into the City website. Obviously, some level of censor control would be needed, but google does a pretty good job.

Good luck!