Friday, May 22, 2009

where do you stand on tolls?

The debate over the Columbia River Crossing project rages on. Now that officials are admitting that minimized state and federal support will make local costs skyrocket, you can be sure that outrageously high tolls will be rammed down our throats.

Even though certain officials treat high tolls like an eventuality, and our current Mayor tells us to "get over it," tolls of up to $2,000 a year ARE NOT a foregone conclusion. We have other options. Go to these meetings and make your voice heard!

Columbia River Crossing project to talk tolling in public meetings

The Columbia River Crossing project, charged with planning a replacement bridge for the I-5 structures between Vancouver and Portland, is holding public hearings on the subject of bridge or highway tolls in meetings at the end of June and the first of July.

"We would like to hear how tolling scenarios could work for commuters, nearby communities, and people who use the I-5 and I-205 bridges, says Maurice Hines, spokesperson for the Columbia River Crossing.

Meetings are set for 6 p.m., Tuesday, June 30, in room 102 of the Washington State Department of Transportation, Southwest Region, 11018 NE 51st Circle and 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 1, community room in the Jantzen Beach Center, 1405 N Jantzen Beach Center.

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