Sunday, May 24, 2009

Campaign Doorbelling is Underway!

I began walking the neighborhoods of our fine city today, visiting with neighbors at their doorsteps.

Couldn't have asked for better weather on this holiday weekend to say hello and chat about the upcoming mayoral election and LISTEN to what issues are pressing on the minds of those who love Vancouver.

This Memorial Day weekend, we remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the future of our country.

Many of the conversations I had about the future of Vancouver were similarly respectful of what has been accomplished in the city's past. Throughout these conversations, though, there was a recurring theme -- support for a fresh perspective, new thinking and a new attitude to begin the next chapter here in Vancouver.

Doorbelling is truly my favorite part of campaigning. I had a number of pleasant discussions, including one with Janet about the future of public transit in Vancouver. Janet is a regular rider of C-TRAN, using it to get to her job in Portland. Because I have worked on the C-TRAN Board for the past five years, and chaired the Board for two years (2006-08), we were able to have a detailed conversation about how I am fighting to ensure bus service in our community is economical, efficient and easily accessed. The more riders on C-TRAN, the fewer automobiles on our clogged roads! Thank you Janet for your support of my campaign for Mayor and for your advocacy of C-TRAN!

Visiting with you is, in my opinion, the ONLY way a Mayor can truly understand what is on the minds of the citizens. For me, it's about listening to you, putting careful thought to the issue, then making an informed decision for the betterment of Vancouver.

I will be knocking on as many doors throughout our city as humanly possible throughout the campaign, and look forward to seeing you soon! And, if you'd like to volunteer with the campaign, I'd love your help canvassing your neighborhood. Let me know if you'd like to come out with me when we visit your neighborhood!

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