Sunday, October 11, 2009


In another testament to his true colors, incumbent Mayor Royce Pollard insulted nearly all potential voters under the age of 40, claiming that anybody without a stellar voting record is not fit to serve in public office.

My opponent seems to think that missing some ballots while in your 20s and early 30s makes one unfit to participate in our community.

Contrary to what Mr. Pollard says, the reality is that many young people have found themselves in the same position as I was – having returned home from college, moving around, getting established...these are the things young people focus on. Voting and community investment often come later. I commend those who have voted consistently since age 18. But I also understand the realities of those who have not.

Exercising the right to vote is a very important part of being an American citizen.

I do not dispute, nor have I ever disputed that.

However, I do ask Mr. Pollard how exactly he thinks this kind of behavior from him and his campaign encourages citizens to become engaged? If he is going to resort to tactics like this – digging up the voting record of a young adult and insulting their very character because he thinks it will score him political points? How does this set an appropriate example for the rest of our community?

My opponent and his spin doctors are trying to make you believe that because I correctly called their desperate act nothing more than a sleazy maneuver, I am somehow a bad person. But the truth of the matter is that the timing, positioning, and intent of their “discovery” reveals much more about my opponent than it does about me.

I don't argue the truth about my voting history. It has gotten better as I've gotten older and more involved and invested in our community. And I know that many of you have the same experience.

BUT my opponent knows he is down in the polls.

He lost the primary election, and is failing to connect with the voters on the issues that actually matter to them. He has decided that the only course to take at this point, is to resort to digging up dirt and using character assassination tricks to gain the upper hand.

Because I have been out at your doorstep, at neighborhood meetings, and in the community talking directly with you, I know that you are too smart to fall for this misdirection and “politics-as-usual” campaigning.

I know that you are tired of the same-old, same-old, and you are looking for a mayor who can handle complex issues, who can present a positive and professional image for our city, and who does not try to bully others into a “my way or the highway” kind of thinking.

Ballots arrive in your mailbox starting Thursday, and you have the opportunity to exercise your vote and take part in bringing real change to Vancouver.

If nothing else, the primary election this past August did show how important a single vote can be. We won by just 43 votes, and I realized quite powerfully how important a single person's vote can be.

Rest assured that indeed I will be voting in this election…and I hope you will too.
Vote for a fresh direction, positive leadership and better ideas for taking Vancouver into the next decade.


Tim Moon said...

Wow, thats surprising he is having a little meltdown like that. He wont be getting any support from or my friends.

Lew Waters said...

Pollard seems desperate. Are we to believe he has never missed a vote in his life?

This move by him and the Columbain's reporting it isn't just sleazy, it's pathetic.

clarkcountydrivenmom said...

Pollard is such a loser! I am under 40 and do not plan on voting for him.He is so focused on attacking Leavitt on his character. What about Pollard's character? Why is he not home taking care of wife who has all these health issues? I would think his commitment to her is more important than feeding his ego.

Tim Leavitt said...

From another well-informed supporter:

Mr. Leavitt;

Regarding today's (October 11) endorsement by the Columbian editorial board of Mr. Pollard.

This comes as no surprise whatsoever. It has been a foregone conclusion that the Columbian would take this position. It occurs to me however, that this endorsement of Mayor Pollard comes with a significant conflict of interest for the Columbian. Mr. Pollard's relentless pursuit of "revitalizing" downtown Vancouver included a lot of financial trickery, back room deals, public money subsidies and questionable land swaps. Among the beneficiaries of these questionable deals was the Columbian newspaper. They got a deal to construct their new building under terms no private citizen could have ever hoped to receive. Although the Columbian severely over-reached and has had to abandon their new office building already, it still is blazoned with their name, and Mr. Pollard got another downtown (largely vacant) brick and glass edifice to claim credit for.

The Columbian should be called to task for not at least mentioning this Pollard/Columbian business relationship, and the possible conflict of interest, in their endorsement editorial.

I also found the editorial endorsement of Mr. Pollard heavy-handed, biased, and lacking objectivity. It is clear to me the Columbian sees your mayoral race as a threat to the status quo which benefits themselves. Apparently, the Columbian is only now reacting to your victory in the primary and having earned many important endorsements yourself from many organizations (such as the Realtors - nice job!).

I would encourage [everyone] to challenge the Columbian to acknowledge this conflict of interest that taints their endorsement of Mr. Pollard.

Thank-you, and keep going!

Tom and JoAnne Sutton