Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Plot Thickens -- Negative Campaigns, Part 2

It has come to our attention that within 48 hours of our initial release of the news that Royce Pollard did not sign the LWV campaign ethics agreement, my opponent's name somehow appeared on the list.

Lest anyone think we are making false claims, we printed the list two days ago. A scan of that printed page, which does not include the mayor of America's Vancouver, is below. (And for anyone who might think we doctored it, we'll happily show you the original print, or you can visit Google's cached list page from last month.)

To give my opponent the benefit of the doubt, it's entirely possible that Mr. Pollard did sign the agreement and a simple oversight meant that it wasn't posted online in the many months since the campaign season began.

But if he did sign the agreement to campaign ethically and honorably, then that very much begs the question --

Why Hasn't He?

It remains unclear if it would have been better for Mr. Pollard to stay "unsigned," or to now be effectively admitting that he has broken the oath.

Royce Pollard, as the candidate, has the power and ability to stop this negative campaigning. Even those attacks that are coming from independent organizations -- he has the ability to stop them and he is choosing not to.

We've only got a couple weeks of this campaign left, and I urge all of you to examine the disconnect between my opponent's words and deeds, and know that I will continue to operate above-the-level and treat the office I am running for with the dignity and respect it, and you, deserve.

Thank you for your support.

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