Friday, October 9, 2009

Clark County Association of Realtors Endorses Leavitt for Mayor

I am proud to post the release from the Clark County Association of REALTORS®, announcing their endorsement of me for Mayor of Vancouver. Thank you to the Board of Directors and to all of the membership. I look forward to serving you, and the the rest of our great city, as the next Mayor of Vancouver.

The Board of Directors of the Clark County Association of REALTORS® has voted to endorse Tim Leavitt in his bid to become Vancouver’s next Mayor. “We are endorsing Tim Leavitt because of his support of REALTOR® issues.” said Sherri Adams, 2009 CCAR President. “Tim has a keen understanding of the many complex issues facing our growing community and more specifically, the issues facing our industry. A man of character, Tim has consistently demonstrated a pro-business philosophy in opposing fee hikes and taxes on business and citizens while serving on the Vancouver City Council. As Mayor, he has the vitality to lead the charge to improve the business climate in Vancouver,” said Adams.

“Tim has exhibited a willingness to work cooperatively with neighboring jurisdictions. He understands the importance of funding transportation projects that truly improve mobility and the City of Vancouver’s role in maintaining healthy job growth in Clark County. He has demonstrated leadership to seek efficiencies at all levels of Vancouver City government. He has also made public safety a top priority by leading the charge to put more police officers on the road,” said Adams.

According to the Clark County Association of REALTORS® Tim Leavitt supports the ideals of the REALTOR® Quality of Life program which recognizes the need to sustain and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by Washington’s citizens. REALTORS® believe better communities can be built by supporting quality growth and seeking sustainable economies and housing opportunities that embrace the environmental qualities county residents cherish, while protecting a property owner's ability to own, use, buy, and sell property. REALTORS® don't just sell homes, they sell communities - they sell Quality of Life.

After an interview process was conducted by CCAR’s REALTOR® Political Action Committee, the decision to endorse Tim Leavitt for Vancouver Mayor was ratified by the Board of Directors.

The Clark County Association of REALTORS® represents nearly 1,500 real estate professionals. Together with its members, CCAR is committed to improving the quality of life in local communities and providing housing opportunities for all who desire to own their own home.

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