Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Disappointing, But Not Surprising

In moments of desperation, we tend to show our true colors.

For some politicians, when talking honestly about the issues doesn't prevail, when their back is against the wall, that desperation sets in.

And in politics, a sign of desperation is a candidate's willingness to leave his integrity at the door and start "slinging mud."

With your support, we won the Primary Election. And we did it by going out into the community and meeting with Vancouver residents. I spoke candidly and honestly about the issues and my voting record, and listened to fellow citizens' broad range of concerns.

The same approach didn't work for my opponent, so we knew to expect he'd turn "negative" as soon as the pressure increased. We just weren't sure when, nor how.

We got our answer as soon as the push poll phone calls occurred over this past weekend. Thanks to each and every one of you who called our campaign to express sincere disappointment in the sitting mayor, and appreciation for our above-board, respectful campaign.

In push polls, the facts are typically distorted, or altogether left out, in order to make the opponent look bad. That is what occurred this past weekend. A Pollard push poll to make me look bad.

What you know and I know is that this community doesn't tolerate those low tactics. We're TIRED of politics-as-usual, and City Hall needs a breath of fresh air! It's a shame our opponent didn't realize that this negative campaign trick only serves to make HIM look unsavory.

Focusing on the issues facing our community, defending voting records and leadership style, and outlining a Vision to move our City forward. That's what I offer you, and those matter-of-fact talking points? Well, they simply didn't work for the incumbent.

In fact, even stretching the truth and claiming accomplishments for many things that have happened in our community due to others' efforts, and spending thousands of dollars to send out multiple mailers with these skewed statements -- even that still didn't work for the incumbent.

The General Election is quickly approaching, and we will continue working hard.

I will continue to meet you at your doorstep.

I will continue to focus on issues and my positions and my vision for the next four years in Vancouver.

I will continue to listen to your concerns.

And very importantly, I will not allow our campaign to be drawn into the negativity that is now the strategy of my opponent.

Vancouver deserves better than that.

In 42 days, we will move on. I look forward to serving our entire community as the next Mayor of Vancouver.

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Anonymous said...

42 days is not soon enough!