Sunday, July 26, 2009

Support:Yes! Vandalism:No!

I appreciate all of the support from so many of you out there. We've got a great campaign to bring much-needed change to Vancouver, and we wouldn't be able to do it without each and every one of you.

It's come to our attention that someone has been out there vandalizing Royce Pollard's campaign signs. Just this morning, I found out that signs for Pollard and City Council candidate Jack Burkman on the west side were trashed, while ours (thankfully) was left standing.

Our campaign spoke with Pollard's early, to alert them to this situation. And I want to be perfectly clear that we are in no way affiliated with this vandalism, and we don't condone it. While we've been fortunate enough to only have some of our smaller signs stolen, we have also been victims of this unacceptable behavior.

I seriously doubt that any of my supporters would resort to this kind of behavior. These underhanded tactics are precisely the sort of thing we are working to END. After 2 decades in office, it's entirely understandable that Mr. Pollard would have enemies who have nothing to do with a campaign, and I hope these people can find more productive outlets for their anger.

But just in case, I implore all of you--please show your support by voting, by helping us canvass, and by getting the word out that Leavitt 4 Mayor is the right choice, the better choice for keeping Vancouver moving forward. We are determined to keep this campaign above-board and professional, and appreciate all of your support, encouragement, and volunteer time.

Go Team Leavitt!

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