Tuesday, July 7, 2009

City of Vancouver Passes Resolution Against Hate and Bias Crimes

Last night marked a great step forward for the City of Vancouver-- the City Council reviewed and approved our resolution against hate and bias crimes, and supporting a community of inclusiveness, respect, and collaboration. Many thanks to all who helped make it possible, including LULAC, the NAACP, the YWCA, Clark County, and the Battle Ground Cultural Task Force--among many others!

Here is the text of the resolution that was passed.

A RESOLUTION of the City Council of the City of Vancouver affirming its support of a diverse community and a community free from discrimination, hate and bias.

WHEREAS, the City of Vancouver has experienced significant population growth over the last fifteen years; and

WHEREAS, as the city’s population becomes more diverse, which adds richness and cultural depth, it can also create new tensions within such a growing community; and

WHEREAS, the City of Vancouver as a government organization values the perspective and contributions of all of its citizens; and

WHEREAS, any form of discrimination based on age, disability, gender, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation is inconsistent with the City of Vancouver’s organizational values and detracts from the quality of life in our community; and

WHEREAS, the majority of Vancouver’s residents want the city to be a welcoming community where everyone feels valued, accepted, respected and safe; and

WHEREAS, The City of Vancouver deplores all hate and bias crimes against any member of this community.

That as an organization, the City of Vancouver is committed to:

1. Fostering a strong, diverse community connected by its shared commitment to mutual respect, understanding and dignity for all; and

2. Protecting the civil and human rights of all citizens and promoting respect, appreciation, collaboration, diversity and friendship; and

3. Proclaiming by word and action that harassment, intimidation, marginalization and violence shall not be tolerated or accepted.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Vancouver supports the work of local and regional agencies to promote increased awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity in all its forms, and that the City shall continually work to achieve the commitments set forth in this resolution in both the internal work environment and in delivering services to the public.

ADOPTED at the regular session of the City Council of the City of Vancouver this 6th day of July, 2009.

____________________________ _____________________________
Royce E. Pollard, Mayor Tim Leavitt, Council Member

____________________________ _____________________________
Pat Jollota, Mayor pro-tempore Larry Smith, Council Member

____________________________ _____________________________
Jeanne Harris, Council Member Pat Campbell, Council Member

Jeanne Stewart, Council Member

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