Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Canvassing the City

Last weekend was a busy couple of days of doorbelling, but I love it!

Saturday was a hot one…but there were many supporters in the Lincoln neighborhood, out working in the yard, holding garage sales, or just playing with the kids.

I didn't cover as much territory as we'd planned, because a number of folks were very interested in several pressing issues. That's precisely why I'm out there, so I was happy to oblige. One gentleman, a retiree, spoke of his fixed income and displeasure with the current leadership's continual increase in taxes. He was already aware of my position of better respect for our tax dollars, as well as my voting record in support of fiscal responsibility.

Sunday was a cold one….the weather did an about-face! But the neighbors that were home in the Burnt Bridge Creek neighborhood were warm at the doorstep. One woman, whose husband had recently passed away, was extremely happy to see me and really was overjoyed when speaking of the opportunity for a new face and voice at city hall. Apparently, she had had previous interactions with the current leadership and felt she was treated disrespectfully at each turn.

Afterward, I was invited into the home of one of the active neighbors, to meet with several others. They were so gracious to have me over to their home, sharing snacks and stories of events in the neighborhood. I listened to their perspectives on the city and responded to questions about my positions and vision for our future. An hour and a half just blew by!

During my doorbelling, I am finding that neighbors are very happy to see the actual candidate at their doorstep. A couple weeks back, a gentleman asked, "Are you Tim?" When I responded affirmatively, he took a step back in amazement. "These materials (referring to campaign brochures) just seem to end up on our doorstep. All these years and I've never actually met the candidate, until now!" There has been similar sentiment expressed to me over the past 8 weeks, and I wholeheartedly agree. The candidate should be out doorbelling and meeting with neighbors, if we are to even expect consideration of your vote! Unfortunately, I can't cover the entire City myself, and am blessed to have supporters and volunteers to assist WITH me.

Speaking of which, we're always looking for volunteers to come out and doorbell. I really enjoy seeing neighbors meet neighbors, and chatting with volunteers as we walk along. We've got LOTS of weekends planned, and a few afternoons/evenings during the week. If you'd like to come out for a couple of hours, email or call us and please let us know!


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