Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ringing Doorbells, Talking with Neighbors

Yesterday, in between a ribbon cutting at the new Tommy O's Pacific Rim Grill in East Vancouver, and the Hough Neighborhood Association meeting on the west side, we squeezed in a couple more hours of doorbelling in the center of town--the Vancouver Heights Neighborhood!

I visited some 50 doorsteps with quite a warm reception, and even met a lovely couple who invited me back for a glass of lemonade after we win the election. I told them to have it ready!

The weather's been great for doorbelling, and I had a good 'workout' in the sun and heat…my trainer says it doesn't count as 'vigorous exercise,' but I'm definitely feeling lighter on my feet.

And a big thank you to Heather Melton for joining me and visiting with our Vancouver neighbors!

We're always looking for more volunteers to join in--there are some wonderful people in this community, and doorbelling is an incredible way to meet a lot of them! Just drop a line if you'd like to come along some weekend day or weekday evening.

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