Monday, June 29, 2009

East Side Neighbors, Here I Come!

I had the great pleasure of visiting with folks in the Cascade Park area this past Sunday. BUT, before that, we powered up with a hearty lunch at the Rockin Wings restaurant at 16209 SE McGillivray Blvd.

If you haven't been, you've got to make time this week. Had a fantastic lunch of chicken wings, with a couple of different sauces. I know what you'll probably have to say about this, but the Jerk sauce was fantastic!

I'm already planning my next visit.

During doorbelling, I had several revealing conversations with neighbors.

One nice resident spoke with me about her concerns for our city's priorities. We were in agreement that our police department must be fully-staffed so that property crime investigations and patrol can be responsive and effective. As you all know, my top priority is to ensure we are safe in our homes, neighborhoods and businesses.

Another neighbor expressed frustration with the lack of flexibility in the garbage and recycling service and costs. Noting that she only needs recycling intermittently, she is forced to pay for regular services. I'll be contacting the City's Solid Waste Services department to determine possible solutions for this issue.


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