Tuesday, June 23, 2009

County Commissioners Provide Relief for Troubled Developments; City of Vancouver Should Follow Suit

Today, the Clark County Board of Commissioners showed strong leadership in adapting to the current economic slowdown, by extending permit deadlines for six months on projects that would normally be moving forward but the economy has forced them to a halt.

The Board recognized that these unintentional holds could force the projects to repeat the approval process they already underwent, and waste both public and private resources. This extension will undergo the standard hearing process and can be revisited if the slowdown continues to impact projects set to expire.

This small act of flexibility could save a large number of projects, and shows strong leadership and willingness to work with constituents to manage hard times.

Vancouver City Council must follow the leadership that the Clark County Commissioners have demonstrated and make similr adjustments and concessions to help the people and companies in our City limits who are struggling to do business.

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