Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Portland Music Awards

I'd like to congratulate Craig Marquardo, Publisher/Editor of the Music Spectator magazine and organizer of the Portland Music Awards for another successful event. It was well attended with an enthusiastic audience. We were treated to great performances by many known and up-and-coming local talents.

One of Vancouver's own talented performers, Kristina Rae, was nominated for Best Female Artist. Well...Kristina won!!! She is a fantastic singer and performer whom I suspect will have a long, successful career.

I was fortunate to also be asked to present with Shel Bailey a couple of awards, including Best Album and Best Male Artist. During our presentation, it was of course a good opportunity to plug the 'Couve and venues here for performances...so I did mention Top Shelf, Cascade Tavern and Blackstone as at least a few. My bad that I neglected to mention Tommy O's, because indeed Sunday nights are fantastic at the downtown restaurant!

Comcast Cable sponsored and taped the show. It will be available On Demand after February 16th.
For the Music Spectator Magazine website, check out: www.musicspectator.com

Maybe next year we host the event in the 'Couve!?!


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